Minor repairs

Trust R & M Auto Glass for Minor Repairs for Vehicle Doors and Windows

When your vehicle’s doors and windows need minor repairs in St. Clairsville, OH, trust R & M Auto Glass. We consistently perform auto glass repairs and our technicians are qualified to make the minor repairs your vehicle needs. Beyond the glass work we do, we serve customers with minor repairs when needed.
These repairs are the types of smaller adjustments to the switches and openers that can help to avoid frustration and stress. Call us at (740) 695-4786 or contact us online for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment. R & M Auto Glass offers mobile services up to 30 miles outside of St. Clairsville, OH.

Minor Repairs in St. Clairsville, OH and Surrounding Areas

When doors and windows fail to operate properly, it can catch drivers off guard in the St. Clairsville area. These unexpected little problems can be more than an annoyance. Being able to lock and unlock doors, and open and close windows are key safety features. Like window glass, many of us take these ‘little things’ for granted until they stop working properly. R & M Auto Glass technicians have the tools to make minor repairs quick and easy:
  • Window Regulators
  • Door Switches
  • Power Window Service
  • Recalibrations of Domestic Vehicles

We Repair Minor Window Cracks and Dings for Various Vehicles

Our simple repair and windshield repair will help keep you moving as your travels require. Our specialists repair minor glass cracks and dings, door lock, and window operating equipment. No need to put off these types of minor repairs for your car, truck, SUV, and more. In the St. Clairsville area, call today to find out more about our minor repair services.

Trust R & M Auto Glass when you need quality minor repairs in St. Clairsville, OH.

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